Jeremy S.

San Diego, CA
my favorite place to eat

This is my favorite place to eat in San Diego.  No joke.  I have been living in San Diego since 1998.  I discovered this place over ten years ago when I worked just down the street.  I took one bite of the chicken kabob wrap and I was absolutely floored.  The chicken pieces are white meat, beautiful orange color from the marinade, and tender.  So tender.  Cooked with the chicken are big pieces of onion and bell pepper, grilled to caramelized perfection.

The entire kabob is wrapped in lavash, with shredded lettuce, red onions and tomatoes, and a little mayo.  The wrap is massive.

The kicker though are the sauces they make themselves.  They have a cilantro dressing and a red pepper oil that I get two little containers of and pour on the wrap as I eat it.  The cilantro dressing is light and cool and adds another layer to the flavors of the wrap, and the red pepper oil adds a heckuva kick.

I left the job I worked at nearby and I did not come by here for several years.  When I returned to the area for work again, this was my first stop, and it tasted identical to how it tasted many years prior.  I go here at least once a week.  The family that owns the restaurant are really nice and the service has always been fantastic.

I mix it up and get a kabob plate which is also excellent.  You get two different kinds of rice, the excellent and tender meat and caramelized veggies, salad, and homemade bread.  I always ask for a scoop of spinach too.

In all the years that I have eaten here, I have never had a poorly cooked meal, I have never had bad service, and I have left completely satisfied each time.

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Dmitriy S.

Santa Clara, CA
loved it!

The food court here is filled with your typical mundane offerings: Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Sandwiches, Greek, etc etc. One thing you don't find in your typical food court, however, is a Middle Eastern kabob place. What's even harder to find is one that is operated by actual Middle Eastern people. This is just that place.

The line here during lunch was huge. It moves fairly quickly due to the cashier's efficiency. I ordered a Koobideh plate, which I was warned would take a while. No problem for me. Most people ordered the typical chicken kabob dish, which would come out right away.

Even though the wait was a bit longer than I expected, it was pretty worth it. I was served a nice hefty piece of koobideh, two types of rice, salad, bread, grilled tomatoes, and some yogurt. The meat was very juicy and marinated well. The rice was also very tasty but a bit too oily. The yogurt provides great contrast to the entire dish as always.

I think this will be my go-to place if I ever come back to this food court. It's hard to find this high quality of a product in such a rushed environment.

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Cindy W.

San Diego, CA
It's the real deal!

TWO WORDS: Chicken kabob! I always get that and I don't think there's anything wrong with getting the same thing over and over again when I come here. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. Lunch here runs about $7-10 and it's totally worth it!

Whenever I miss my husband's aunt's Afghani's cooking, I come here. It's the real deal!

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Schmeez E.

Seattle, WA
loved it!

Had the chicken kabob with hummus and tabouleh here and loved it! One of the best lunches I've had from that food court. All items were packed with flavour and were filling. The meal also came with a warm pita and bread.

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Nai Q.

San Pedro, CA

I have eaten food catered from Kabul West on occasion. Generally when it's an Afghani thrown function. I can see why. The food is NOM NOM NOM! Meaning it's darn Gucci, Gucci-Fendi-Fendi-Prada (Kreayshawn voice). Top of it's rank boo.

I wish there was a closer location. *WhOMp WhOMp WhOMp* (Sad theme music).

Both the sweet brown rice with raisins and the white rice taste fresh and flavorful. The spinach is definitely some of the best I've ever had! The chicken is also yummy and perfect in texture, soft and chewy on the inside and well flavored on the out. The rest of the food was good to but clearly the items mentioned above were memorable to my pallet.

When in Rome or in this case SD, stop by!

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San Diego, CA
Will visit soon

This place has delicious food and quick service. Mix kebab plate and lamb plate was really good.

I would like to have spicy options for the plates. Overall pretty good place to have your lunch.

Will visit soon.

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Zubair S.

Toronto, Canada

I spent last chrismas over in San Diego, and had the opportunity to try almost everything from the menu... mostly kabobs.
the food was tasty and reasonably priced. The shrimp, and chicken wrap was mind blowing... and then koobideh, tikka kabob was over the top...

There were also other good afghan restaurants in san diego and san Francisco,... but this place was the best.

However the food court was busy, so we sat outside...there is more seating area there... it was fun.

if you guys go to this restaurant.. please don't forget to try their POP BOMB...lol... mix all the drinks...

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Jeff S.

San Diego, CA
delicious food!

I've dined at Kabul West for approximately 15 to 20 years, since they started off in the Sports Arena area near Rubios. I've always loved the food especially the chicken kabobs and the rice and different sauces are amazing. I prefer dining in a full-service restaurant like they used to have as opposed to a food court however their prices are more reasonable than a full service restaurant and the food is still delicious.

They are considerably farther away from me then they used to be but anytime I'm in the Sorrento Valley area I make it a point to go to Kabul West for some delicious food!

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