My favorite place to eat

This is my favorite place to eat in San Diego.  No joke.  I have been living in San Diego since 1998.  I discovered this place over ten years ago when I worked just down the street.  I took one bite of the chicken kabob wrap and I was absolutely floored.  The chicken pieces are white meat, beautiful orange color from the marinade, and tender.  So tender.  Cooked with the chicken are big pieces of onion and bell pepper, grilled to caramelized perfection.

The entire kabob is wrapped in lavash, with shredded lettuce, red onions and tomatoes, and a little mayo.  The wrap is massive.

The kicker though are the sauces they make themselves.  They have a cilantro dressing and a red pepper oil that I get two little containers of and pour on the wrap as I eat it.  The cilantro dressing is light and cool and adds another layer to the flavors of the wrap, and the red pepper oil adds a heckuva kick.

I left the job I worked at nearby and I did not come by here for several years.  When I returned to the area for work again, this was my first stop, and it tasted identical to how it tasted many years prior.  I go here at least once a week.  The family that owns the restaurant are really nice and the service has always been fantastic.

I mix it up and get a kabob plate which is also excellent.  You get two different kinds of rice, the excellent and tender meat and caramelized veggies, salad, and homemade bread.  I always ask for a scoop of spinach too.

In all the years that I have eaten here, I have never had a poorly cooked meal, I have never had bad service, and I have left completely satisfied each time.