Loved it!

The food court here is filled with your typical mundane offerings: Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Sandwiches, Greek, etc etc. One thing you don’t find in your typical food court, however, is a Middle Eastern kabob place. What’s even harder to find is one that is operated by actual Middle Eastern people. This is just that place.

The line here during lunch was huge. It moves fairly quickly due to the cashier’s efficiency. I ordered a Koobideh plate, which I was warned would take a while. No problem for me. Most people ordered the typical chicken kabob dish, which would come out right away.

Even though the wait was a bit longer than I expected, it was pretty worth it. I was served a nice hefty piece of koobideh, two types of rice, salad, bread, grilled tomatoes, and some yogurt. The meat was very juicy and marinated well. The rice was also very tasty but a bit too oily. The yogurt provides great contrast to the entire dish as always.

I think this will be my go-to place if I ever come back to this food court. It’s hard to find this high quality of a product in such a rushed environment.